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Metal Fabrication

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Metal Shearing, Braking, and Rolling

Anzco Industrial, LLC has the tools and equipment to shear, brake, and roll metal. Shearing is a fabrication process used to cut straight lines in flat metal stock. It is a much more price effective process than cutting with a torch or grinder. Anzco can shear up to ¼” thick stainless steel or mild steel. 

A brake is a metal working machine that allows the bending of sheet metal on a single line to precise degrees of bend from 1 degree to 90 degrees. Anzco can break material up to 3/8” thick. Rolling metal is a gradual bend to make pipes or circles out of flat metal without multiple bends. This allows for a smooth circular formation. 
Sheet metal fabrication services range from low-volume prototypes to high-volume production runs. Call us at (806) 398-3100 to find out what we can do to meet or improve your fabrication needs. 

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